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With the legalization of cannabis in many states across the United States, including New York, the demand for education and training programs related to the cannabis industry has increased significantly. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the cannabis industry or simply want to learn more about the plant and its uses, there are a number of educational institutions in New York that offer cannabis-related programs.

Some programs offer a variety of courses that cover the science, business, and legal aspects of the cannabis industry. Students can choose from a range of certificate programs, including Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Dispensary Operations, and Cannabis Science and Technology.

Another great option is the Cannabis Career Institute, which offers a range of online courses and training programs in various areas of the cannabis industry, such as cannabis cultivation, dispensary operations, and cannabis cooking.

For those looking for a more traditional academic setting, several universities in New York offer courses or degrees related to cannabis, such as Syracuse University's online course "The Business of Cannabis" and Hofstra University's Medicinal Cannabis Program includes a certificate program for healthcare professionals.

In addition to these programs, a number of smaller, specialized institutions offer training and certification in specific areas of the cannabis industry, such as cannabis extraction or cannabis law.

No matter what your interests or career goals are in the cannabis industry, there are plenty of educational options available in New York to help you find your dream cannabis program and pursue your passions.

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